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Where customer service still comes first!

Tool Design and Creation

Core drills, reamers, and wheels for all your cutting, forming, and finishing needs

Tech support is always just a phone call away!

Let us work with you in creating, cutting, shaping, and finishing tools like core drills, reamers, and wheels to be used on ceramic, die-electric, fused silica, glass, metals, quartz, silicon, and zirconia. We offer various bonds, specific to your machining needs, to guarantee a high level of precision regardless of what materials you’re working with. Most products are available in these bonds: metal, resin, copper resin, and diamond plated bonds.

Tool tolerances are specific to your needs to ensure absolute accuracy and uniformity. Happy to serve professionals of all kinds, industries we support but are not limited to, aerospace, carbon fiber, composites, computer, laser, medical, military, optical, semiconductor, and solar. 

Our abrasives will give you a high level of control when grinding, contouring, scoring, and facing. We also offer dressing sticks and dressing wheels to help you remove material buildup from your tools prior to and during work runs. 

When you place an order with us, we try to imagine ourselves in your workshop so we can get a good sense of how you’re going to use the tool. Our process begins when you send us or call with your tool specifications, drawings, or blueprints. We can also help with tool design specific to your needs. 

Having more than 31 years’ experience in the tech industry, is why we can help with troubleshoot applications, finishes, and tool design that meet your specific needs.

Let us help you with your tooling needs for coring, cutting, forming, grinding (ID&OD), milling, lapping, polishing and slicing. Using machines like Band Saw, Blanchard, CNC, curve generator, lathe, milling, drill press, slicing (with Disco or K&S), etc.

Access Diamond is a woman-owned business.

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IN Stock (1-2 Day ship) Dressing Sticks and Wheels, Slicing Wheels Thin metal Bond Slicing Wheels 150 & 220 grit, Reamers, Plated Files, Water Swivels

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We are very humbled that our customers have allowed us to help them with their projects over the last 11 years. To trust that we are 100% invested in their success and with every milestone they make we are so proud to be a part of that…but we always were.

It is true that when you love what you do it takes on a life all its own and it doesn’t feel like work no matter how many hours you work…it’s making a difference that makes us love what we do.