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Diamond Core Drills

Metal, Resin, Copper Resin, and Diamond Plated

OD: = Outer Diameter is called out when drilling a specific hole size.

ID: = Inner Diameter is called out when you are planning on keeping the core left behind.

HALF MOON ID: An offset half-moon shaped ID allows the core drill to move material and coolant at the same time as it drills the hole.

DISINTEGRATING ID: This type of ID leaves no cores behind to clean up, because the ID is offset.

CUT DEPTH/DRILL DEPTH: This pertains to the steel tube but does not include the diamond depth, as this dimension never changes for the life of the Core Drill. Therefore, this is a critical dimension to call out when requesting a quote.

STANDARD ADAPTERS: 5/8-1/8, 1-14, 3/4-16, 7/8-14, BRANSON (Ultrasonic) and other adapter types are available upon request. Shank type mounting is also avaialable. All you need do is provide the diameter and length required for your collet.

WATER GROOVES: These are channels in the ID of the diamond section that allow water or coolant to flow through with ease.

Improving Performance: Slots on the face of the Core Drill allow for a more aggressive yet freer cut.

When drilling materials in the fragile glass familiies, going to a slightly thinner wall will help to reduce the amount of the face pressure when drilling, hence allowing a smoother cut.


Core drill tolerances will vary depending on the OD and ID and may also change where longer lengths are concerned.


Core drill sizes will range in OD and ID from .026" to 12.0" with cut depths up to 14" in most sizes.

Advise Diamond Grit & Diamond Concentration at quote level. If you are not sure, let us help you make the right choice based on your requirements.


Various styles available upon request, Standard Stock Model AD5 with 1-14 Thread 1.75” OD x 1.500” long straight shank.

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We gladly welcome requests for quotes of your own design.