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Reamers, Chamfer/Countersink, & Milling Tools

Access Diamond has two primary styles of reamers

Straight Reamer: In which the OD of the diamond section and the shank OD are the same size. This type if most often used when the face is doing all of the work.

Stepped Reamer: The Stepped Reamer offers relief behind the diamond section at each customer’s requested length. This also allows for more flexibility when a specific shank OD is required as well as for use when side cutting and blind hole applications are key.

Reamer Enhancements are also available upon request.

  1. Side and/or Face Slots allow for more aggressive, freer reaming performance.
  2. Corner Radius makes for smoother entry or to leave feature in your material.
  3. Full Radius on the Face for generating a radius in your material.


Available from .026" - .500" OD after which these become a mounted wheel, which carries the same basic requirements for quoting.


Chamfer/Countersink tools are made to order. These tools are available in all sizes and in the same bonds as the reamers. They’re commonly used for chamfering or breaking an edge on your material or to produce a specific angle requirement. The standard angles are 45, 60, and 90 degrees but are not limited to these. 
Sizes start as small as .125" OD

We gladly welcome requests for quotes of your own design.