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ACCESS DIAMOND is here to help with your specific needs, when requesting quotes or placing orders for your diamond or CBN wheels.  

We always welcome requests for specific wheel designs and we’re happy to lend guidance when necessary.

Metal Bond:

This should be your #1 choice for any applications where holding forms and/or angles are key to longevity or overall life. However, this is not a bond that can be used dry…you must use a coolant or water when running this bond.

Resin Bond:

Resin bond is known for being a soft, heat resistant, and forgiving bond. It is also known for achieving fine finishes that no other bond can compete with. What makes this bond leave such incredible finishes, is the fact that there are no metal particles in its matrix. This is an added benefit for those applications that need to be machined dry.

Copper Resin:

Like resin bond, copper resin has a soft matrix. The added copper content adds life to the wheel, while still leaving a nice finish on your parts. This bond cannot be used dry; it must be used with water or coolant at all times.

Diamond Plated:

This is the only bond that is a single layer of diamond or CBN, mixed in a nickel bath. It holds shapes and tolerances very well, while allowing a more aggressive cut since the diamond/CBN particles stick up higher than the traditional bonds. Because it is a single layer, this is a less expensive route where cost or small jobs are concerned.

The other benefit is the fact that most tools or wheels can be stripped and re-plated at a reasonable cost. Ask us today for more information about this service.


Short for Cubic Boron Nitride, this is used in machining tool steel, stainless steel, and hardened alloy steels to name a few. It, like diamond plated products, can be used in wet or dry applications unless a metal or copper resin matrix is used with the CBN, then you‘ll need water or coolant.

Coolant/Grinding Fluid:

The right coolant can add additional life, while helping you achieve better surface finishes, all at the same time. Please request literature on our environmentally friendly fluid today.

We gladly welcome requests for quotes of your own design.